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Who We Are

Agritehnica is a supplier of agricultural machinery and equipment established in 2006. Originating from an agricultural background, entering this market segment was a significant challenge, as we knew, from our own experience, the expectations of farmers when it comes to agricultural machinery.


— Mission and Vision

How We Operate

We stand by farmers, consistently providing them with technical support. We successfully serve the entire Moldova region, the southern part of the country, and the Republic of Moldova. Our infrastructure has developed rapidly, ensuring that we respond promptly and professionally to all our customers' requests.


— Principles and Values

Alongside the best, for the benefit of the best. We are authorized representatives of AGCO Agriculture.

We have established partnerships with the largest manufacturers of agricultural machinery, ensuring that we provide our customers with quality, technologically advanced equipment that gives them a competitive advantage in the market.

Farmers have been receptive to new technologies, and the Agritehnica brand has enjoyed real success. Over the course of 14 years of experience, the team has grown, perfected itself, becoming a strong family that operates based on the same values and principles of ethical and moral conduct.

Driven by a culture focused on quality services, we continuously invest in innovating the solutions we provide to help farmers feed the world.

Agritehnica is no longer just a name; Agritehnica has become a conviction. With the tractors and machines we offer, farmers and entrepreneurs can achieve their goals faster and with higher efficiency. That's why we aim to meet and exceed our customers' requirements whenever possible, to help them succeed where it all begins: at the interface between sky and earth, where nature and agricultural expertise meet.


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